Our specialist hand physiotherapists deal with hand, wrist, elbow (and sometimes shoulder) rehabilitation for the treatment of acute, chronic or post-surgical conditions::

  • inflammatory conditions (epicondylitis, epitrochleitis, De Quervain’s tendinosis, etc …)
  • sprains affecting the fingers and wrist joints, …
  • rehabilitation after upper limb surgeries (wrist and finger fractures, tendon sutures, rheumatic conditions, osteoarthritis, …)
  • Working in direct collaboration with the centre’s surgeons, our 

Working in direct collaboration with the centre’s surgeons, our physiotherapists use the latest techniques to carry out immediate postoperative rehabilitation:

  • Rehabilitation protocol following finger flexor tendon sutures (Eliot, Duran, Manchester)
  • post-tenolysis and arthrolysis rehabilitation protocol
  • prosthesis rehabilitation (fingers, wrists, elbows).
  • complex surgery rehabilitation (resection of the first row of carpal bones, amputations, replantations, grafts…)

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