Orthopaedic Surgery

We manage all cases of shoulder pathologies whether they concern shoulder tendons, arthrosis or nerve-related disorders in a traumatic or degenerative context. These pathologies can be treated as an emergency or as a scheduled procedure with personalised monitoring. We propose appropriate treatment such as conservative treatment and conservative functional treatment, like arthroscopy with selective repair or prosthetic replacement. The athlete, the manual worker, the sedentary person injured in an accident or the elderly suffering from shoulder pain can take advantage of a multidisciplinary opinion.


  • Rotator cuff pathology (tendinopathies, ruptures, calcifications, etc.)
  • Shoulder instability and athlete’s shoulder
  • Sports traumatology (AC, clavicle, etc.)
  • Shoulder fractures
  • Degenerative pathology (arthrosis, chronic ruptures, etc.)
  • Revision surgery

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