Welcome to our new specialist medical centre!

Some people refer to it as a private hospital, but this seems a bit old-fashioned…

Others call it a “doctors’ association” but that would be an insult to the wide range of medical and paramedical services we actually provide.

Others still talk of a ‘health centre’ but the sleek surroundings, understated comfort and luxurious environment we offer deserve better than that.

In fact, it is difficult to summarise in just a few words what we have chosen to call the ‘Centre Médical du Parc’.

A range of medical and paramedical services

In the heart of the European quarter of Brussels, near the ‘Parc du Cinquantenaire’ in Etterbeek, we offer a wide range of medical and paramedical services in a single location.

Specialists working together in synergy

Hand surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery, orthotics, electrophysiology, dermatology, physiotherapy, … our various specialists and multidisciplinary team work closely together to offer you the best of their expertise and ‘top of the range’ services – everything you have the right to expect.

Make an appointment in just a few clicks

We know your time is precious. Make an appointment with your chosen doctor in just a few clicks and get acquainted with the ‘Centre Médical du Parc’.

A choice you certainly won’t regret…


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Hand Surgery Centre

You will also find some members of our team at the Hand Surgery Centrewww.ccmbrussels.be


New – High intensity concentrated Radio frequency treatment

Re-energize your skin with this advanced technology that stimulates the skin’s production of collagen without the need for surgery. After the first session the results are already visible on various skin problems such as: fine lines and more pronounced wrinkles; stretch marks; skin refining and heterogeneous colouring problems; scars and acne marks; skin tonicity. ForRead more

Cryolipolysis – New at the Centre Médical du Parc

Get your body ready for summer with Cryolipolysis, a procedure naturally and permanently eliminating fat deposits by controlled cold crystallization. Almost all areas of the body can be treated by cryolipolysis: abdomen, arms, chin, bra folds, “love handles”, thighs, “saddlebags”, knees. For more information on cryolipolysis, we invite you to make an appointment with ourRead more